System Consultants


Technology provided with quality.

We, System Consultants combine "hardware development technology" and "software development technology" to achieve high performance and high reliability, and propose, develop, and manufacture systems using a unique approach based on our extensive experience.

System Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Our Business

We aim to provide comprehensive support for
our customer's manufacturing with our long experience and technology.

Ability to Make Plans

We provide the planning capability to materialize your needs for your product. (We provide planning, requirements definition, designreview, and specification)

Ability to Make Products

We will realize products that meet customer's requirements with our experience and comprehensive embedded technologies such as hardware, firmware, and software. (We can meet a wide range of needs from single item to mass production.)

Ability to Make Support

We can provide ongoing support for your product development from version upgrades to replacements and mass production support.

Company Profile

Company Name System Consultants Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1-27-2 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo 1410031, Japan
Branch Office Toyama Development Office.
Kofu Development Office
Representive Hikaru Yokobori, President and CEO
Established April, 1978
Capital 65 million yen
Employees 60(as of Janualy, 2022 )